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All Scrap Pad products contain a mix of high quality, acid-free leftover papers
Climate positive products made from 100% leftover paper
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Turning waste into space for new ideas

Scrap Pads are made from waste paper leftover after industrial print and paper production. Normally this paper would find its way to the recycling bin, however, by upcycling it directly into new products, Scrap Pads save the energy and emissions that would be required to reprocess it, as well as the resources to make similar products from scratch. Scrap Pad is our way of turning waste into space for new ideas.

Scrap Pad collaboration with Danish street artist Mormor


Our upcycling initiative

Scrap Pad was born to two architects running a small print shop in Aarhus. Tired of throwing out perfectly good paper, the architects began assembling scraps from their production into characteristic sketchpads that contained a mix of paper types...

Today Scrap Pad is joined by Munkedal paper mill - makers of the renowned Munken paper and one of the most environmentally friendly paper productions in the world. Munkedal is redirecting leftover Munken paper from industrial production into Scrap Pad products.
As the initiative grows, the focus of Scrap Pad remains the same - to reduce paper waste by imagining more creative uses for leftover paper.

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